Ron Paul Classic: Just say NO to FDA regulation of tobacco – Campaign for Liberty

Good advice from Ron Paul; too bad people didn’t listen to him while he was in office.


Establishment Party in Flames: Cantor’s Loss Should Give Us Hope.

In what has undoubtedly shaken the Republican Party establishment down to its core, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his Virginia primary to a small-town economics professor by the name of Dave Brat (a Michigan native). Cantor, who currently hold’s the second most powerful position in Congress, and who according to the National Review outspent Brat 40-1 on the campaign trail, is the latest establishment party hack to learn that there are still some principled, conservative voters who will hold public officials accountable at the voting booth.

While claiming to be a small-government conservative, Cantor has been anything but an advocate for shrinking government during his tenure in Washington. He is pro-gun control, pro-war, pro-government surveillance, and voted yes on the so-called “Patriot” Act as well as its later expansion which included permitting warrantless wiretapping.

This week, small-government voters raised their voice and let Washington know that they will not tolerate RINOs who claim small-government in principle, but prevent it with every vote they make. It’s time to let Washington and the establishment GOP know that this is our party and we are taking it back. The Republican Party has become a cesspool of double-faced, corporate spenders who whittle away our liberties in the interest of growing big-government. It’s time to clean house (and Senate) and vote small-government, liberty-minded candidates into office.


Republican in Name Only

If you are unsure if your state, district, or precinct has a liberty-minded candidate running for office, contact me here or on twitter; I may be able to help.


An Update on Seattle’s $15 Minimum Wage: Adverse Effects Already Starting

Update on a post I made back in April about Seattle’s $15 minimum wage:

According to the Washington Policy Center,

Many SeaTac businesses have tacked on an additional fee to mitigate the increased cost of labor.  On the receipt below, a $6.93 “living wage surcharge” was added to a $84.00 parking charge.  That is the equivalent of a 8.25% tax.


Contrary to what supporters claim, increasing the minimum wage does not create jobs and stimulate the economy.  The higher wages are not free money.  The increased cost must either be absorbed by the employer, which is impossible for many who already operate on shoe-string profit margins, or it must be passed on to workers, in the form of reduced hours and benefits, and consumers, in the form of higher prices.  Either way, someone pays.

As socialist leaders in Seattle fight to bring egalitarianism to the working class within their city, little do the workers know that they are actually be robbed tacitly by those who claim to be helping them.

The great Chicago school economist Milton Friedman said it best:

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Seattle would be wise to turn away from their unsustainable minimum wage before it destroys their local economy. Surcharges are only the beginning; cost-of-living expenses will soon begin inflate to match the new wage standard, and only highly skilled workers will be employable at the new minimum wage. As I have stated on my other blog previously (relating to Michigan’s new minimum wage law),

Entry level workers (such as teenagers and those who have not developed professional skills) and who are not profitable to employ at the new minimum pay threshold will simply find themselves unemployable, and eventually replaced with touchscreens and self-checkouts. McDonald’s workers in Europe are already being replaced by touch screen kioasks. We cannot legislate wages that the market does not support.