Pay no attention citizen; your Constitutional right to assemble is not being violated at all.

For those of you unaware of the situation unfolding right now in Ferguson Missouri, there has been a massive uprising for the last several days in response to an unarmed 18 year old black male (Michael Brown) who was shot and and killed by Ferguson police on August 9th. After the shooting, when protesters assembled outside the police department to protest Brown’s death, they were told by Ferguson PD not to protest and were ordered to leave. Sadly, after that,what started out as a peaceful protest deteriorated quickly into rioting. Since then, Ferguson PD, have made numerous arrests, have ordered media personnel to turn off their cameras, and have now arrested several members of the media for not complying with their demands to shut off cameras.

Ferguson has erupted into a full-fledged Orwellian Police State, complete with armored vehicles, tear gas, police interfering with the media’s right to freedom of the press, and denial of free assembly. How ironic that just 15 months after the warrantless door-to-door searches that followed the Boston Bombing, another American town has fallen to militarism of the police state.

Ferguson Protesters

Ferguson PD taking down media cameras

To Protect and Serve?

See my original write up on the Boston Bombing and the Police State: Freedom is Beginning to Look Less Free

Wake up America; the Police State is already here. 


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