Alaskan TV Journalist Takes a Stand for Marijuana and Then Resigns on Live Televison.

This is defiantly worth watching; Alaskan TV journalist Charlo Greene resigned on live television, and is joining the fight to legalize marijuana in Alaska. See the video below (F-bomb warning).

Regardless of your view on pot, it is nice to see people with conviction fighting for individual freedom and being willing to take a stand for it (even if it costs them their job). While I don’t agree with everything Greene said, I admire and respect her dedication and commitment to a cause she believes in. The world would be a better place if more people were willing to take a stand for their convictions.


Establishment Party in Flames: Cantor’s Loss Should Give Us Hope.

In what has undoubtedly shaken the Republican Party establishment down to its core, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his Virginia primary to a small-town economics professor by the name of Dave Brat (a Michigan native). Cantor, who currently hold’s the second most powerful position in Congress, and who according to the National Review outspent Brat 40-1 on the campaign trail, is the latest establishment party hack to learn that there are still some principled, conservative voters who will hold public officials accountable at the voting booth.

While claiming to be a small-government conservative, Cantor has been anything but an advocate for shrinking government during his tenure in Washington. He is pro-gun control, pro-war, pro-government surveillance, and voted yes on the so-called “Patriot” Act as well as its later expansion which included permitting warrantless wiretapping.

This week, small-government voters raised their voice and let Washington know that they will not tolerate RINOs who claim small-government in principle, but prevent it with every vote they make. It’s time to let Washington and the establishment GOP know that this is our party and we are taking it back. The Republican Party has become a cesspool of double-faced, corporate spenders who whittle away our liberties in the interest of growing big-government. It’s time to clean house (and Senate) and vote small-government, liberty-minded candidates into office.


Republican in Name Only

If you are unsure if your state, district, or precinct has a liberty-minded candidate running for office, contact me here or on twitter; I may be able to help.